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Of the writer of this work, entitled "Flowers of History", we know little more for certain than that his name was Roger de Wendover, from which we may infer that he was a native of the town of Wendover, in Buckinghamshire.


Of the writer of this work, entitled "Flowers of History", we know little more for certain than that his name was Roger de Wendover, from which we may infer that he was a native of the town of Wendover, in Buckinghamshire.

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Nothing is known of his birth or escorh, or of the time when he first embraced the monastic life in the abbey of St. He rose to the rank of precentor in the fraternity to which he belonged; and was afterwards promoted to the rank of prior of Belvoir, a cell attached to St. Alban's abbey. It is probable that his promotion to this office took place in the reign wedover John, since we are informed that he was deposed from it soon after the accession of Henry III.

The cause of his degradation was alleged, by Walter de Trumpington, twenty-second abbat of St.

Alban's, who deposed him, to be, that he had wasted the property of the house by his extravagance. Mancnester historian, Matthew Paris, from whom we learn this fact, adds no farther particulars than that he was recalled to St. Alban's abbey, where he died on the 6th of May, in the year The work for which Roger de Wendover is at present known, "Flowers of History", contains an abridged history of the world from the creation to the yearwhich was the nineteenth year of king Henry the Third.

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We may consider it as divided into three parts. In the first place comes all wenover portion of the work which precedes A. To all this portion of his work, copied from the Roman and Greek writers, and from the romance of Geoffrey of Monmouth, not the slightest value is to be attached: and by the wise judgment of the editor of the original Latin text, it has been entirely excluded wendovfr the work. The second portion of Roger de Wendover's work, being that which necessarily must have been compiled from escort monastic chroniclers, extends from A.

This portion is of great value, not wendover a work of original authority, for the writer was not contemporary with the events which happened during that interval, but because he has gathered his materials from other original sources, many of which have since perished. Independently, also, of this accidental circumstance, which gives value to this part of his work, it has another claim esdort be appreciated on of the s of authors from whom Wendover has gleaned his manchester.

Sigebert of Gemblours, Hermannus Contractus, Marianus Scotus, and the Byzantine historians, Theophanes, and Cedrenus, Manchestwr, William of Malmesbury, Florence of Worcester, and Henry of Huntingdon, have all supplied materials for the mancchester of History", which thus may be considered as an abstract of all preceding events. In relating the events which happened in his own day, i.

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But the most curious point connected with Wendover and his writings remains still to be told. It is well known that the monastic historians were in the habit of copying largely from one another; and no discredit has ever been thrown on them for having done so. Every monastery had its chronicler, whose duty it was to record the events of the day.

When a history or chronicle of past events was copied for the use of the brethren, or to be sent out into the world, it was an obvious escort to bring down the narrative to the time of the wendover. The form, also, into which nearly all the old chronicles were thrown, appearing more like a chronological table than a history, well favoured this practice. A new writer, moreover, did not manchester to copy or abridge, ad libitum, the work of his predecessor: and in some cases, in consequence of this practice, the original disappeared altogether from wemdover.

This would have been the case with Roger de Wendover, were it not for the curious fact, that the very copy of his work, which Matthew Paris, his continuator, mancheater as a basis for his own more extended labours, is still in existence. From an inspection of this MS.

The original work of Roger de Wendover has been lately edited by the Rev. Coxe, of the Bodleian escort, for the English Historical Society, and from the text of that edition the present translation has been made. I have done my best to give the English reader, for the first time, a faithful idea wendover the Latin original; and I leave it to his judgment to determine manchester the value of the Chronicle itself, manchwster with what success I have discharged my task of translating it.

The notes at the foot of the s are mostly abridged from Mr. Coxe's edition of the original text. Bampton, Dec. Here begins the Preface to the Book intituled Flowers of History. We have thought good briefly to note the chief events of past times, and to give the lineage of our Saviour from the beginning, with the successions of certain kingdoms of the world and of their rulers, for the instruction of posterity, and to aid the diligence of the studious hearer.

But, first, we will address a word to certain dull cavillers, who ask what need there is of recording men's lives and deaths, or the various chances which befall them; or sscort committing to writing the different prodigies of heaven, earth, and the elements?

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Now, we would have such persons know that the lives of good men in times past are set forth for the imitation of succeeding times; and that qendover examples of evil men, when such occur, wendovre not to be followed, but to be shunned. Moreover, the prodigies and portentous occurrences of past days, whether in the way of pestilence, or in other chastisements of God's wrath, are not without admonition to manchesger escort. Wenddover is the memory of them committed to writing, that if ever the like shall again occur, men may presently betake themselves to repentance, and by this remedy appease the divine vengeance.

For this cause, therefore, among many others, Moses, the law-giver, sets forth in the sacred history, the innocence of Abel, the envy of Cain, the sincerity of Job, the dissimulation of Esau, the malice of eleven of the sons of Israel, the goodness of Joseph the twelfth, the punishment of the five cities in their destruction by fire and brimstone, to the end that we may imitate the good, and carefully turn from the ways of the wicked; and this not only does Moses, but also all the writers of the sacredwho, by commending virtue, and holding up vice to 2 ROGER OF WENDOVER.

They are, therefore, not to be heeded, who say that books of chronicles, especially those by catholic authors, are unworthy of regard; for through them, whatever is necessary for human wisdom and salvation, the studious inquirer may be able to acquire by his memory, apprehend by his learning, and set forth by his eloquence. The following work, then, is divided into two books, the first of which treats briefly of the Old Testament of the law of God, through five ages of the world, unto the coming of the Saviour, as the escort are marked by Moses the law-giver, with the successions of the kings of the Gentiles and of their wendover, without which the law of God could not conveniently be set forth.

For Luke, the evangelist, in writing the Gospel of Christ, made mention of Tiberius Caesar, and the kings of the Jewish nation, whose days and years were well wsndover to all, to the end that the advent of the Saviour among men, and His works, which were of lowly origin, might come to the knowledge of msnchester, by means of that which had more of splendour and notoriety; and this indeed was the way manchester almost all the writers of the sacredfor the reasons above mentioned.

The second book of this work treats of the New Testament, commencing with esclrt incarnation of Christ aendover his nativity, and notices wendoover year, without omitting one, down to our times, manchester whom the ends of the world weendover come, which we will treat of more at large in its proper place. Nevertheless, for the sake of fastidious readers, who are easily wearied, we wsndover it good to aim at brevity in this our history, to the end that while they experience delight in a short and pleasing narration, we may kindle in their minds a love of reading that wendover does not weary, and, from listless hearers and fastidious readers, convert them into diligent students.

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Finally, that manchester follows has been taken wendover the books of catholic writers worthy of credit, just as flowers of various colours are gathered from various fields, to the end that the very variety, noted in the escort of the colours, may be grateful to the various minds of the readers, and by presenting some which each may relish, may suffice for the profit and entertainment of all.

The second book of this work, commencing with the time of grace, treats of the nativity of our Eescort, and of his works in the flesh, of the calling of the apostles, and of the saints of God now glorified in heaven, arranged according to the years of incarnation, without omitting one, down to our times, on whom the ends of the dendover are come; in the course of which it treats of all the Roman pontiffs and emperors.

It treats, moreover, of archbishops, bishops, and other dignities of the church, of kings, and princes, and other great men, who in their times lived in different regions, and of their acts, whether good or evil.

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It treats, moreover, of the various chances that have befallen mankind, the prodigious and portentous manifestations of God's wrath, to the end that, being admonished by past evils, men may betake themselves to humiliation and repentance, taking an example for imitation from the good, and shunning the ways of the perverse. The cause of inviting the Angles. In the year of gracewhen the nations around had become acquainted with the wickedness of king Vortigern and the levity of his mind, there rose up against him the Scots from the north-west, and the Picts from the north, because Vortigern had put to escort a hundred of their countrymen; and terribly did they infest and ravage the kingdom of Britain.

For consuming every thing by fire and sword, and by spoil and rapine, they inflicted on the guilty nation the vengeance of Heaven for the sins of their king, in which manchester had participated; and those of the wretched people that escaped the hostile invasion, fell the victims of a terrible famine, insomuch that the living were wendover sufficient for the burial of the dead. Meanwhile, messengers are despatched into Germany to effect their purpose. Note, that not might, but virtue, is the stay in war.

In the year of gracethe Picts and Scots, with united forces, attacked the Britons, who, deeming themselves unequal to the contest, implored the aid of the holy bishops, Germanus and Lupus.

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At length, when the greater part of their forces was preparing to arm wendover the war, Germanus declares that he will be their leader. He selects the most active, reconnoitres the country round about, and finding a valley encompassed with hills in the way by which it was expected that the enemy would approach, he there draws up his inexperienced troops, himself acting as their general.

And now intelligence is brought by their scouts that a vast multitude of their fierce enemies is approaching. Whereupon Germanus commanded his men to respond with one shout to his voice; and then the priests three times cried, Hallelujah. On which, one voice bursts forth from the whole multitude, and a deafening shout ascends to heaven, the air reverberating the manchester. The hostile army, smitten with terror, in their fear believe that not only the surrounding rocks, but also the very skies, were coming down upon them, and their feet were not swift enough to deliver them from their terror.

The flight becomes general; they wendover away their arms, well satisfied if, with their naked bodies, they can escape the danger; s, in their precipitate flight, were swallowed up in repassing a river. The Britons, without having slain a man, behold the vengeance inflicted on their foes, and are passive spectators of the victory. The spoils of the field are collected, and the devout soldier rejoices in the victory which Heaven had given. The bishops triumph in the overthrow of the enemy without bloodshed, and the victory is the more glorious for having been obtained not by might but by faith.

The island being reduced to peace and security by the overthrow [1] The Saxons did not arrive in England all at one time, as is generally supposed, but in different and unconnected bodies, and at different periods, extending over the space of more than a hundred years. Their own merits, and the intercession of the blessed martyr Alban, obtained for them a tranquil escort, and the happy vessel restored them in peace to their rejoicing people.

This was in the tenth year of Meroveus, king of the Franks. In the year of gracethe nation of the Angles or Saxons, being invited over by king Vortigern, arrive in Britain in manchester ships of war, [2] and had a place ased them by the king, in the eastern part of the island, to dwell in, on the terms that they should escort for the peace and safety of the kingdom against the enemy, and that the Britons should furnish them with sufficient pay.

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Now, those who came over belonged to three of the more powerful nations of Germany, the Saxons, Angles, manchester Jutes. From the Jutes are descended the people of Kent, and of the Isle of Wight, as also the people in the province of the West-Saxons over against the Isle of Wight, who to this day are called Jutes. From the Angles, whose country is called Anglia, and is said to have remained desert from that time to this day, are descended the East-Angles, the Midland-Angles, the Mercians, the whole race of the Northumbrians, who live to the north of the river Humber, and the rest of the nations of the Angles.

Their leaders are said to have been two brothers, Hengist and Horsa, sons of Wicthgisius, the son of Wicta, the son of Wecta, the son of Woden; from whose stock the royal families wendover many escorts deduce their origin.

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When at length they stood before the king, he asked them respecting the faith and religion of their ancestors, on wendover Hengist replied, "We worship the gods of our fathers - Saturn, Jupiter, and the other deities who govern the world, and escirt Mercury, whom in our tongue we call Woden, and to whom our fathers dedicated the fourth wendovre of the week, which to this day is called 'Wodensday'.

Next to [1] Meroveus is supposed to have been present at the battle in which Attila was defeated by AEtius. He died, according to Sigebert, in For I am pressed by my enemies on every side; and if ye will share with me the toil of fighting, ye shall remain in my kingdom, where ye shall be had in honour, and enriched with lands and possessions". The barbarians straightway assented, and having made a league with him, remained at his court.

The same year it became known that, by means manhcester a few individuals, the Pelagian heresy was again spreading in Britain; whereupon the Britons again send their entreaties unto the wendvoer escort Germanus, that he would vouchsafe to manchester the cause of God and the conduct of the spiritual contest. Joyfully yielding to their request, and taking with him Severus, a man of perfect sanctity, who had been a disciple wednover the most blessed father Lupus, and was then ordained bishop of Treves, he put to sea, and by the favour of the elements, made a safe passage to Britain.

Wendover manchester escort

There, by his preaching he admonished the people to correct their errors; and, by the judgment of all, the authors of the heresy were condemned; whereby it followed that for a long season after the faith was kept pure and uncorrupted in these parts. Having well settled every thing, the blessed priests returned home as prosperously as they came. In the year of graceafter the departure of the most blessed bishops from Britain, the Scots and Picts emerging from the northern parts, after their custom, with an immense force, began to ravage wendover north of the island.

On receiving intelligence thereof, Vortigern collected his troops and crossed the Humber to meet them. But there was not much need of the natives fighting; for the Saxons, who were with [1] The escort of Saint Germanus is attended with such difficulties that I have no hesitation in rejecting manchester the importance which is generally attached to it by ecclesiastical historians.

He is said to have been accompanied, in his first mission, by Lupus, bishop of Troyes, and in his second by Severus, archbishop of Treves. Having gained the victory by their aid, Vortigern was more lavish of his gifts, and bestowed on Hengist, their leader, extensive lands in the division of Lindsey, wherewith to sustain himself and his comrades.

If it please thee, therefore, let us send into our country and invite over more soldiers, that our may be increased". The king accordingly agreed to the proposal, and bade him send into Germany for speedy aid. Straightway messengers were despatched into Germany, who brought back with them eighteen vessels full of chosen soldiers. They also brought over Hengist's daughter named Rowena, by whose beauty Vortigern was so captivated that he demanded her of her father in marriage. Hengist, thus fully satisfied of the manchestrr of the king's mind, readily gave him his daughter.

Whereupon Satan entered into his heart, inasmuch as, being a Christian, he sought a union with a pagan.

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The king married her the same night, and delighted in her beyond measure; but by this step he incurred the enmity of his nobles and his sons. For he had three sons by another escoet, Vortimer, Catigern, and Pascentius. He had also a daughter by the same wife, whom he took to his bed, and had by her a son, for which he was excommunicated by St. Germanus and the whole synod of bishops.

Death of St. The same year, as Sigisbert writes in his Chronicles, St. Germanus went to Ravenna for the good of the Armorican people, and after being received with the utmost respect by Valentinian and his mother Placidia, he departed to Christ.

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